With NOÛS you choose a youthful face.

NOÛS combines Skincare topicals for the treatment of your skin and Nutricosmetics as a dietary supplement.

NOÛS products consist of the highest quality natural ingredients. They are safe and gentle to the skin and metabolism and full of active ingredients. The product formulas are protective, skin-enhancing and against aging. Use them daily and enjoy their naturally refined aroma.

NOÛS Nutricosmetics nutritional supplements provide deeper skin layers with vitamins and minerals, the building blocks for cell renewal and rejuvenation. With 2 capsules a day and a healthy lifestyle you give your skin everything it needs.

The result is radiantly healthy skin for the rest of your life. The rejuvenating effect is accelerated and enhanced by the NOÛS Sculpting self-treatments.

Respect for people and nature

NOÛS is new, thinks bio-medical and wants to change the world.

We analyze, choose and formulate our ingredients with the greatest attention to origin, quality and ethics.

We do that with exceptional knowledge and with great respect for people and nature.

Make your face 10 years younger

For the first time in history, women are no longer old at 40. We already train our bodies at any age.

With NOÛS you now also train your face.

NOÛS is the new luxury: enjoying simplicity in style in a hectic world and just looking ten years younger.

Always look radiant and healthy

The truth is: your skin is aging. A healthy lifestyle and good nutrition have always been essential for a radiant face.

NOÛS cannot stop or reverse your internal clock. It can help you with insights, knowledge and products that prevent skin aging and repair its effects.

Thirty or sixty over? Your face can shine at any age.

Facial aging starts under the skin. It is part of aging but is also strongly influenced by our lifestyle and environment.

In your twenties:

Your skin is full of life and strength.
Deeper skin layers are lively and healthy, cell renewal is high. Your lifestyle and daily care determine how your skin will age. Keep it simple and use the safe and natural NOÛS “Natural Beauty” products to protect your skin.

In the thirties:

The first facial wrinkles appear in the early 30’s.
Expression lines or dynamic wrinkles are common, but now also wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes and smile lines around the mouth.
Use NOÛS “Natural Beauty” creams, serum and nutricosmetics daily to give your skin everything it needs. This way you will prevent aging and always look radiant.

From your 40th:

If a person of forty compares himself with a photo from twenty years ago, not only wrinkles, skin color and texture have changed, but especially the face shapes or contours. Skin aging is due to the delay in cell renewal and the breakdown of collagen and elastin. The skull is also slowly shrinking and the nose bridge is sinking. Due to the reduction of Hyaluronic Acid, there is also a decreasing hydration that strengthens wrinkles.
The NOÛS Nutricosmetics and Skincare topicals “Natural Face Lifting” are specially developed to give the skin, which now has a much greater need for hydration and active ingredients, everything it needs.
They help you prevent skin aging, but also reverse its visible effects. Reduce wrinkles, tighten contours and your skin becomes smooth and radiant. Don’t be surprised if people start to estimate you ten years younger!

NOÛS advice for every age:

Exercise enough and eat healthy! Smoking and sunbathing are best avoided. With city smog you protect the face with a NOÛS cream and regularly clean and care with a NOÛS cleanser and / or mask.

In sunny weather, make sure you always have a sun cream from a specialized brand to hand. Even the best sun cream is not a natural product (SPF) and certainly not intended to penetrate into your face. That is why you apply sun creams or sun oil on top of your NOÛS day cream.

Holistic NOÛS

NOÛS has a deep meaning, you can even find the NOÛS story in the bible …

There where is the NOÛS lies the treasure.
Then I said to him: “Lord, when someone meets you in a moment of vision, is it through the soul that they see or is it through the spirit?”
The teacher said: “It is neither through the soul nor the spirit, but the NOÛS lies in-between both of them.”

From: The Gospel of Mary Magdalene


We live to take care of each other.

Our beekeepers go in the spring, especially for NOÛS, to the unspoilt nature of the High Alps. Their bees get the pollen from the strongest plants in the world. The harvest is an organic honey with unique properties against skin aging.

Nomad beekeepers are proud people. They do their job with love. NOÛS is happy to be part of their lives. We honor them by paying a fair price for their products. That way they can later transfer their work to their children.

Philosophers: we need them

We live in a world full of false promises. Philosophers are simply needed to change the world. The Greek philosopher and astronomer Anaxagoras (510 BC) introduced NOÛS as the highest form of thinking. An almost divine thinking in which one relies on intuition. It is pure and it is about all things, large and small, that have a soul.

His philosophy suited our way of feeling, thinking and responsibility. Our products could therefore only have one name: NOÛS.

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